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Tons of organization, tons of room, and tons of versatility.

My Review

The Tri-Star is one of Tom Bihn’s best-selling “luggage” style bags. At 33 liters, it holds a little more than an Aeronaut 30 and has three large, zippered pockets, one of which is designed for a laptop (complete with my beloved Cache loops). One of the zippered pockets includes an optional divider – it can be unzipped to create one full pocket.

There are four zippered pockets on the front of the bag – most of the time I just ignore these since the Tri-Star is rarely my only carry. I may stick a few stray toiletries in the big front pocket occasionally. The pockets add to the Tri-Star’s versatility, but (of course) using them is optional.

I’m comparing it to the Aeronaut 30 so much because of its similar size and carry-teristics (get it?) Both can be carried by strap, tuck-away backpack straps, or padded shoulder strap.

What I Like 👍
  • Top of the line in terms of organization.
  • You can carry it three different ways - I love the backpack mode and using it with my Absolute Shoulder Strap.
  • Middle pocket can be used for a dedicated laptop compartment in the middle OR just an extra large pocket for more clothes/accessories.
What I Don't Like 👎
  • Buying into the organization system can get expensive, especially if you get all of the packing cubes.
  • It can get very, very heavy if you overfill it.
Use This If
  • You want more organization than the Aeronaut 30/45.
  • You like to use packing cubes - the Tri-Star's design
  • You want a very professional, sleek looking bag to travel with.

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Tri-Star : Still my perfect bag after 3 years

I use this bag for 7-10 day business trips, while also carrying a laptop and mobile monitor. I use packing cubes and small bags for smaller items. The o-rings are essential for being able to grab bags of smaller items without looking. Depending on the trip, I can put a large packing cube, my briancell a cache, or a Cadet into the center compartment for maximum flexibility. The abolute strap is a necessity. I've never had an issue with carrying this on, fully packed, for any flight.

Used primarily for: Travel

Yes, I would recommend this product!

The best, if you flat-pack

I don't have much to add to Spencer's and the other used review, I agree wholeheartedly. Two (related) exceptions that.may or may not be relevant for you: 1) the TS is unparalleled for flat packing. However, when I am packing fewer dress shirts and pants, and more smaller or casual items, I find myself more likely to reach for an Aeronaut. 2) the TS tends to "footballing", I.e. the middle can bulge out More minimalist packers than myself may not have these problems! 😂

Used primarily for: EDC

Yes, I would recommend this product!