Tom Bihn Travel Laundry Stuff Sack

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My favorite way to do laundry on the go!

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What I Like 👍
  • Organizes your dirties and cleans like a champ.
  • Different color pulls on either side make this thing practically foolproof.
What I Don't Like 👎
  • Only two sizes - big and huge. The big (which works with the Aeronaut 30) is the one I use the most.
Use This If
  • You want to organize your dirties and your cleans while on the go.

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Dirty and clean separating

I love that it comes in 2 sizes. The larger one I use for undies and sports bras. The smaller one socks. Or if trip is short and I have laundry facilities I just use larger one for all. I love the 2 different color draw cords so you know which is dirty.

Used primarily for: Travel

Yes, I would recommend this product!