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A small travel bag that packs a big punch.

My Review

The Stowaway is one of my favorite travel bags. It’s a unique and strange entry in their lineup and has a place in a fairly narrow niche, so I can see why it was retired – but it’s one of my top all-time favorites due to its versatility. Its small size requires that you make a fair amount of compromise while you travel for an extended period of time.

The only thing that makes this bag difficult for me to use is the size of cache it fits. At 13” tops, I have to carry at least one other bag in order to carry my 15” MacBook Pro. I make up for that easily by stuffing that particular pocket full of whatever I can.

I recently took this bag plus my Pilot on an 8 day trip to Seattle where I had to be dressed up on certain days – the bag carried everything I needed it to and more. I think my final line was 6 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of underwear, 3 button-down shirts, 2 t-shirts, and an extra pair of pants, plus my toiletries. Not bad if I do say so myself!

What I Like 👍
  • It can fit a TON of stuff in it if you try - just watch the video!
  • Even overfilled, it's very light and easy to carry.
What I Don't Like 👎
  • It doesn't fit my 15" MacBook Pro :( but I hear the new version might!
Use This If
  • You want a small bag with a ton of versatility in how you carry it.
  • You're a minimalist traveler who values organization.

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