Tom Bihn's December 2nd Debut!

I'm giving away the three Ghost Whales and the Icon in the videos below!

Wanna win either the three Ghost Whales as a set or the Icon? Just fill out the form below! I'll be drawing two email addresses and emailing the winner directly! Giveaway ends December 15th so I have time to mail them to you before Christmas :) United States participants only please! (Contest laws are a thing... and IANAL!)

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Product Reviews

Handy Little Thing

Tiny bag? Journal? Tool kit? You decide - it's Tom Bihn's most versatile accessory to date.


Casual carry with some new twists.

Monster Truck

The biggest, baddest tote from Tom Bihn to date.

Pick-Up Truck

Small and extremely functional tote bag.

Wool Utility Cloth

Scarf? Blanket? Bandana? Whatever you want it to be.

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